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Garden Light Types
The five garden light types below all feature a range of several models, each with a slightly different application. Ask us to advise you on selecting the most appropriate fitting for each application. It really is worth the effort.

Up Lights .. Illuminate Isolate, Highlights, Silhouette
Directed into the canopy of trees, on to walls, banks, water features, artworks and to illuminate architectural features.

Down Lights .. Highlights Shadow-cast, Secure
Flood, spot or 'wash' flower beds,  walls, shrubs, lawns,  features, pathways, driveways, walkways and doorways.

Spread Lights .. Illuminate, Soften, Step and path safe
'Wash' or semi-flood pathways, driveways, walkways, flower beds. Ideal for sure-footedly navigating your property at night

Recessed Lights .. Illuminate, Light-wash, Soften
Excellent for lighting pathways, walkways, steps, stairways, & walls. Typically used to softly illuminate flights of steps.

Underwater Lights .. Illuminate, Romanticize, Delight
Bring fishponds, water features, fountains, pools and river banks to life at night. Lighting moving water creates magic!